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Car Lifts
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Custom Guy Spaces is excited to be a dealer of Lift King Car Lifts. Lift King has grown to be the largest distributor of lifts in Canada and have done that through customer service and quality. Lift King is a family owned and operated business that is Canadian through and through!

Why is the competitor cheaper?

Lift King is not the cheapest unit on the market nor is it the most expensive, but the quality per dollar cannot be touched. Lift King has a better built unit and accessories than most companies. The old saying is true "You get what you pay for" and when you have 4000 lbs above you, you will be happy you purchased a Lift King!

Are the Lifts ALI/ETL certified?

Lift King units are CE certified which meets and exceeds all CSA standards. Lift King units are shipped around the world so we need a certification that is accepted worldwide.

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Why is Lift King better?

All lifts look the same in a picture or on the internet, there are major differences between Lift King and the other units you will look at. Some are obvious (steel thickness and design) and some are subtle (strengthening beam under the runway, or the larger base plate on the post). Everyone claims the best, Lift King is the best.

How long is the warranty?

Lift King has the longest warranty in the business! Lifetime on the structure and 5 year on the power pack (competitors range from 1 year to 3 years). The warranty is also a true warranty, not a limited one like most companies.

Lift King Example #5

We are confident Lift King is the best car lift company in Canada. The best quality and the best service!